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A versatile conductor, artistic director Dr. Cullan Lucas is an advocate of new music and traditionally underrepresented composers, regularly incorporating diverse programming, new commissions, and collaborative efforts with his ensembles. Lucas is actively involved in commissioning and premiering new works such as Theresa Martin's "Almost Alice" and Nell Cohen's "The Sphinx and the Milky Way" in 2019. Experienced in a variety of musical genres from video games and film to traditional masterworks, his goal is to bring more of this authentic, meaningful music to the Driftless Region.

In addition to his passion for new voices and diversity in programming, he also actively researches and participates in musician wellness initiatives including  adapting sports psychology and mindfulness amidst new developments in cognitive science in music performance. He regularly adapts this research into masterclasses for young musicians, addressing common issues like performance anxiety and memory in musicians. Before founding DUO in La Crosse, Lucas held both professional and academic positions across the country. Currently, Lucas works regularly with Western Technical College, the La Crosse Youth Symphony Orchestras, and the Aquinas School System in La Crosse in addition to his duties with DUO.

Board of Directors

President/Treasurer - Cullan Lucas

Vice President - Carrie Pomplun-Hagedal

Secretary - Leisha Lucas

Members - Michelle Lee Elliot

                 - Rachael Ryan

                 - Paul Jewson

                 - Randall Mastin

                 - Anika Sdano

                 - Joshua Baker

Interested in volunteering for our Board of Directors? Contact us below!

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